Individual Counseling

individual-counselingProfessional psychotherapy and counseling are available for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We work with children, teenagers, and adults on concerns that range from temporary upsets to problems of a deeper and more complex nature. We help our clients work on and resolve specific emotional and social problems in ways that help them relate better interpersonally and achieve more satisfying lives.
Psychiatric consultation is also available for diagnosis and to develop a treatment plan. We can help determine whether psychopharmacologic intervention is needed, and when appropriate, start and monitor the use of medications.


Couples face a complexity of issues as they strive to attain satisfaction in their intimate relationships. Our staff therapists have specific training and experience in dealing with relationship issues. Certifications in IMAGO and PAIRS interventions are just two of the several modalities we use that have been proven effective in helping couples communicate more successfully, being more empathetic toward one another, and creating enriching experiences to share.


Our approach to family counseling recognizes that families are highly complex and sensitive systems within which the actions of one individual can affect each of the others. We provide several approaches to help family members discover their personal strengths and develop confidence in dealing with family changes or crises, including:

• Family Therapy
• Groups for Parents and Children
• Blended Family Programs
• Specialized Services for Divorcing Families


The Center creates groups depending on needs in the community. At different times, groups may be available for divorced family members, single adults, learning disabled students, or for children demonstrating difficulties at certain developmental stages. Other issues may include the enhancement of self-esteem and social competency skills, the balance of career and home life in two-career families, and eating disorders.