Transformational Change

transformational-changeAs the realization sinks in that you are unfulfilled or perhaps downright disappointed with where you are right now, the process of seeking out something different begins.

What needs to change to create a compelling, fulfilling life? What is going to make this change an empowered change?

Values and Personal Vision
Coaching explores core values and personal vision to determine your best path. Understanding what makes you “tick” lends clarity.  Identifying and understanding obstacles, long standing or new, while exploring your chosen path from multiple perspectives gives an authentic opportunity for choice in your life. All of this instills purpose and drive to create your life instead of seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances.

Accountability To Action
A key component of Coaching is accountability to action – action that will make your vision a reality. Through exploring your strengths, knowing your weaknesses, creating steps to carry you forward while learning critical lessons along the way, Becky Scott Coaching will be with you, helping you to build a foundation for sustainable change to have your best life take root and flourish.

  • What is the vision you hold for yourself?
  • What is holding you back?
  • What are you going to do support your quest today?