Center for Education – New Site!

Visit our new and updated sister site Center for Educational Services.

Expert Tutoring on the Main LineThe Center for Educational Services (CES) provides academic support and consulting services for students in grades 1 through 12, as well as for college-age individuals and adults. Our goal is successful and independent students who enjoy learning.

CES is co-directed by Katie Kurivial, Psy.D. Dr. Kurivial brings her training as a psychologist and executive function coach to the understanding of how individuals learn most effectively, allowing her to direct the Center’s programs with a blend of academic expertise and practical experience.

Why choose CES?

  • Flexible programs tailored to meet the needs of individual learners
  • A commitment to matching tutors and students so learning is enjoyable and students are confident and successful
  • Sessions scheduled in our Ardmore and Paoli offices, or in your home
  • All tutors are certified teachers

Supports include:

  • Specialized instruction for struggling readers, writers, and math students
  • Study and organizational skills
  • Executing Functioning Coaching
  • Content-area tutoring
  • SAT and ACT preparation
  • Preparation of college essays
  • Foreign Language