Where You Go is Not Who You’ll Be

VocationBook Review

(2015, Grand Central Publishing) – by NYTIMES columnist Frank Bruni.

The essential message here for all college bound high school students and families echoes important pathways to a healthy college search experience.

*Theme: College admission is not a zero sum game with winners and losers but a small step in a lifelong process.

Bruni quote (page 8-9): “A yes or no from ???? or ??? or ??? is seen as the conclusive measure of a young person’s worth, a binding verdict on the life he/she has led to that point, an incontestable harbinger Winner or Loser, this is when the judgment is made. What madness. What nonsense.”

Echo: Dr. Michael Thompson’s seminal piece “College Admission as a failed rite of passage” (NAIS, 1997) expands on this argument to include parents. Admission to a certain college is not an assessment of your worth as a parent nor is it a measure of your son/daughter’s worth as a person. http://www.parentsassociation.com/college/failed_rite.html)

*Theme: College is what you put into it.

Bruni quote (page 27): Sociologist D. Michael Lindsay’s (2014) Platinum Study studied 550 US leaders; CEOs, Presidents of not-for-profits, US Presidents & other government leaders. Finding? The group of undergraduate colleges attended by these accomplished leaders was highly diverse and showed no pattern, no Ivy league bias.

Echo: When the average rate of graduation after SIX years is around 55%, clearly we should be doing a better job of matching students with colleges.    

*Theme: Graduate school is more important than undergraduate school.

Bruni quote (pages 140): A 2011 study by Alan Kruger (Princeton Economics professor) & Stacy Daly (analyst with Mathematics Policy Research) analyzed the income earned by graduates of less than famous colleges/universities who had applied to more prestigious institutions. Finding? No difference in lifetime income.

Echo: SATs roughly track future income. Or as Alan Krueger said in explaining his research, (Bruni, page 140): “A good student can get a good education just about anywhere.”

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David W. Clark, Ed.M. is an independent college admission consultant who has been working with high school students for more than thirty-five years. David is a graduate of the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. His website is www.collegesearchnow.net and he can be reached there.


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