We have over 35 years of experience guiding people to make the best possible decisions for themselves. Our programs have proven highly effective in promoting personal growth and competence, and our range of expertise ensures the highest quality, whether you seek personal counseling or professional consultation.



Bruce V. Miller, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist

Areas of Interest/Specialty: Couples and marital work, certified in Imago Therapy. I provide individual therapy for adolescents and adults and have an eclectic approach with an emphasis on cognitive therapeutic interventions. Additionally I counsel parents,  regarding child developmental problems with special focus on adolescent issues.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 24


Moss A. Jackson, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Moss Jackson helps adolescents and adults live more successful lives. As a coach, he works with them to accomplish their goals, to get better connected to others, and to feel satisfied in their relationships and careers. As a therapist, his focus is individual and marital counseling. If you are concerned about the amount of stress or sadness you experience, or are feeling unfulfilled in your work or relationships, Moss Jackson can help you.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 23 Corporate Initiatives: 610.642.1796 ext.1

Director of the Testing Center


Charna Axelrod, Ed.D., NCSP Educational Psychologist, Nationally Certified School Psychologist

Director, Psychoeductional Department

Dr. Charna Axelrod, Director of the Center’s Psychoeducational Division, is an educational and nationally certified school psychologist. She works to identify issues preventing students of all ages from achieving academic success and/or social-emotional satisfaction. Charna helps parents guide their children’s educational, personal and emotional growth through consultations and testing for school admissions and appropriate school programming. Concerns about specific learning disorders, attention deficits, and adjustment issues are addressed through comprehensive evaluations that yield recommendations designed to achieve their goals.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 14

Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors & Independent Consultants


Ilene Blain, Ed.D., NCSP Educational Psychologist, Nationally Certified School Psychologist Coordinator:  Post Secondary Division for College Age Students and Adults

An educational and certified school psychologist with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Ilene Blain assesses students 16 years and over and adults with possible learning disabilities, attention and executive function disorders, and social-emotional issues. This includes evaluation for accommodations for postgraduate programs, as well as the LSAT, MCAT and GRE. She is available for consultation with individuals and parents as well as for testing.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 13


Irene Bowman, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Irene Bowman is an experienced clinician focusing on child, adolescent, adult, family and couples therapy. She treats depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, bereavement and conflict resolution.

Dr. Bowman is also a certified hypnotherapist dealing with mind-body healing, the treatment of phobias, panic and sleep disorders, pain and symptom management, performance anxiety and cessation of smoking.

Ardmore 610.642.4873 ext. 68


Talia Eisenstein, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist Director of the Children of Divorce parent education program Areas of Interest/Speciality:

Individual therapy (child, adolescent and adult); Couples/marital and sex therapy; Pre- and post-divorce parenting issues

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 50 Our Children First: ext. 60 A Montgomery County Court Mandated Program

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Susan Griesser, M.A. Art Therapist

Areas of Interest/Specialty:

Susan is an art therapist who works with children, adolescents and adults.  She specializes in social skills development with children and grief and loss issues for all ages.  She previously worked in behavioral health for four years providing group and individual therapy. She currently works for a local Hospice and expands her bereavement support practice at the center through creative expression.  She is a Grief Recovery Specialist associated with Grief Recovery Institute.  Susan conducts individual, group and family therapy and is available for workshops and professional development.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 64


Emily Herber McLean, M.A., L.P.C. Licensed Professional Counselor, Play Therapist

Emily is a child and family therapist whose specialty is in working with children (ages 3-12). She uses play therapy, filial therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to address anxiety, depression, ADHD, behavioral issues, autism-spectrum disorders, and social needs. She also works with children who have experienced difficult life events or trauma. Emily involves parents as an integral part of the therapeutic process.

Paoli and Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 63


Jennifer Jackson Holden, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist

Coordinator, Admissions Testing Program Coordinator, Paoli Office Psychoeducational Department Dr. Jennifer Jackson Holden’s clinical practice focuses on female development, starting with preadolescent and adolescent girls establishing a strong identity and sense of self, as well as a voice that will allow them to advocate for themselves. It extends to women of all ages who are navigating issues of personal growth, identity, and management of life changes.

Jennifer’s time with students also may include psychoeducational or other types of evaluations that identify learning, developmental and/or emotional strengths and weaknesses. Through the assessment process she works with parents to determine their children’s needs in the classroom and at home. She helps them use these findings to inform school placement and maximize students’ potential for success and healthy adjustment in all settings.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 46
Paoli: 610.647.6406 ext. 3


Judith Jackson, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist

Dr Judy Jackson works with teens, adults and couples who are struggling and want to cope with their problems more successfully and feel happier. Judy brings expertise in cognitive behavior therapy, couples counseling, hypnosis, EMDR and EFT. She can help if you are experiencing stress, unhappiness in your relationships, anxiety, depression or have had a trauma in your life.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 22


Peter Kolson, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

Coordinator:  Vocational Testing

A licensed psychologist, Peter Kolson, Psy.D. has been in practice for more than 30 years. With a background as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Peter focuses on assessment and consultation. He serves both business organizations and individuals from adolescence through adulthood, providing career guidance, diagnostic psychological and comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations, assessment for pre-employment testing and management assessments, and PA Act 235 Lethal Weapons, employee fitness for duty evaluations, and psychological screenings for the nuclear power industry and area police/fire departments. Peter has also developed a special interest in providing career guidance to those with learning disabilities and mental health concerns.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 26

Kathryn E. Kurivial, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist
Center for Educational Services, Director
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Dr. Katie Kurivial is a clinical psychotherapist and certified school psychologist who works with adolescents and young adults dealing with difficult life events, depression, anxiety, and learning problems. She also conducts psychoeducational and personality evaluations to assess for learning disabilities, attention disorders, and emotional adjustment. In addition, Katie is an Executive Functioning Coach for adolescents and young adults who need help acquiring attention, working memory, organization, planning, and time management strategies.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 59 Paoli: 610.647.6406 ext. 1


Susan L. Metrick, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist

Areas of Interest/Specialty:

Evaluation of children for assessment of learning disabilities, attention disorders, and adjustment issues/emotional adjustment.  Assessment for independent school admission, gifted education, and early school admission.Consultation with parents regarding school placement and child development.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 43
Paoli: 610.647.6406 ext. 2

Rebecca Preiser, Psy.D. Certified School Psychologist
Center for Psychological Services, Associate

Dr. Rebecca Preiser is a psychotherapist and certified school psychologist who works primarily with families, adolescents and couples navigating the challenges of emotional and behavioral issues, including anxiety, depression, ADHD and ODD. She has extensive experience supporting parents through child developmental transitions, and she conducts psychoeducational evaluations to assess for learning and attentional disorders and to support school success for struggling students. As a psychotherapist, Rebecca offers evidence based treatment informed by mindfulness, relational, cognitive-behavioral (CBT), acceptance and commitment (ACT) and family systems approaches. Her warm, collaborative and supportive style honors the unique characteristics and context of each individual and family.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 48 Paoli: 610.647.6406 ext. 4


Eve Prensky, Ed.D. Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist

Dr. Prensky coordinates tutorial sessions and supervises tutors. Evaluation of children and adolescents (ages 3-19) for assessment of learning disabilities, attention disorders, and adjustment issues. Evaluation for independent school admission, gifted education, and early school admission. Consultation with parents, attorneys, and support personnel regarding school placement, child development issues, parenting concerns, and public school policy.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 27


Sylvia Russianoff, J.D., M.S. Center for Psychological Services, Associate

Sylvia specializes in working with children (ages 3-12), adolescents, and their families. After practicing law for 15 years, Sylvia obtained her master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology and post-graduate training in mindfulness-based play and family therapy, cognitive therapy, and trauma focused cognitive behavior therapy.  She uses these approaches to help children, adolescents and their families to successfully manage difficult life challenges such as depression, anxiety, adjustment issues, family conflict, loss, chronic illness and trauma. Sylvia has experience working with parents on parenting issues and, when needed, especially enjoys helping parents gain insight into their own childhood experiences so that they can break free of, and not pass on to their children, unhealthy patterns from the past.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 70


Amanda Strine, Psy.D.

Evaluation of children for school admissions, gifted education and learning differences. Consultation with parents regarding school placement while keeping in mind the child’s individual learning style, behavior and temperament. Consultation with families dealing with childhood chronic illness, particularly autonomic dysfunction.

Ardmore 610.642.4873 ext. 66


Marlyn Vogel, Ed.D., ABSNP Neuropsychologist

Evaluation of children and adolescents (ages 3-19) for assessment of developmental delays, neurodevelopmental issues, learning disabilities, attention disorders, and adjustments issues. Evaluation of adults for neuropsychological and attention disorders. Evaluation for independent school admission, gifted education, and early school admissionConsultation with parents, attorneys, and support personnel regarding school placement, child development issues, parenting concerns, and public school policy.

Professional Affiliates


David W. Clark, Ed.M. blog:

David has a Masters Degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and more than thirty-five years experience working with high school students in public and in independent schools. Prior to entering the field of independent college admission consulting, he taught college-bound students of all ability levels; including a focus on students in Advanced Placement and Gifted programs. He is an experienced independent college admission consultant with a particular sensitivity to the need for matching an individual candidate and his/her parents with the right college environment.

Ardmore: 610.642-4873 x52 Paoli: 610.642-4873 x52 College Search Now: 610.304.7119


Becky Scott, C.P.C.C., A.C.C. Certified Professional Coach

www.The Navigator’s Way

Areas of Interest/Specialty:

I have a passion for personal growth and development. It is deeply rewarding helping families and individuals build confidence for themselves and create optimism in their life. I enjoy making a positive difference with young adults transitioning to college and the working world, as well as helping families overcome the confusion and turmoil of a learning disability.

One of our sons was diagnosed with a learning disability at an early age. Parenting him required finding unorthodox solutions to the emotional and scholastic problems that presented themselves. After helping other parents and our son through the maze learning disabilities can create, I saw an obvious need for specialized help for families looking for solutions to emotional and scholastic problems that learning issues present. I trained to become a Coach and was certified with the International Coaching Federation to address this need.

I am currently President Elect (2013) of the International Coaching Federation, Philadelphia Chapter and will be President in 2014.

Visit our blog at

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 or 610-783-5676

Consulting Psychiatrists


Harvey A. Horowitz, M.D., F.A.P.A. Board Certified in Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

Areas of Interest/Specialty:

Psychiatric Evaluation, Psychopharmacology with Adolescents, Young Adults and Adults; Treatment of Mood, Anxiety and Attention Disorders. Psychotherapy with Adults and Couples.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 17


Jessy Sandoval-Barrett, M.D. Board Certified General Psychiatrist
and Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Areas of Interest/Specialty: Diagnostic evaluations, consultations, psychopharmacology
and medical psychotherapy

Children and adolescents with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Tourette’s, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Learning Disabilities and Co-existing medical illnesses.  Individual and family therapy.  Parent psychoeducation and training.  School consultations.  Fully bilingual in Spanish.

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 44

Administrative Staff

Teti Terri Teti Bookkeeper Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 15

Karen A. Stockard Administrative Assistant
Billing Department

Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 11 Center for Educational Services 610.642.4056


Angela Jeffers Administrative Assistant
Center for Educational Services

Ardmore: 610.642.4873

Roe Rosemary Huddy Psychoeducational Division Ardmore: 610.642.4873 ext. 25

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